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Lust or the Lord

Lust or The Lord?
I would strip down out of my clothes    
And expose my naked body,
that in the heat of lust  
But would I undress my soul and    
reveal my explicitly naked spirit    
in order to gain His trust?    
Could it be that my sexual infatuation    
is what is blocking this relationship between us    
And why is it that without hesitation    
I’m quick to reach in my drawer    
for that box of Trojan Sensations    
But I don’t even care to have the patience    
to open up and read the Word    
It’s crazy..    
I can yell “Daddy” all night long    
 Coerced moans stimulated by pleasure    
But never do I once even bother to call on    
My own Father  to help make things better    
And it’s a shame cuz    
I’m quick to get it    
For a good 55 minutes    
And yeah it might be good    
While dude is hittin it    
but eventually he will get up and leave    
and I’ll be left empty-handed    
Then I’ll be back to being the no-man-bandit    
Without even once caring to realize    
That God has been laying there by my side    
 he doesn’t even  get up and leave    
In the middle of the night    
No he’s not just some one night stand    
He is forever with me    
His love is everlasting    
Time to time I question    
why my sexual desire    
is way much greater than    
the need to acquire    
a stronger craving for God.    
So to this sinful, sexual lifestyle    
Its going to have to be good-bye    
Because a relationship with the Lord    
Is one no other man    
can even begin to satisfy

by Ashley Joseph


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