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Interview with ~GoldenLeaves

A deviously deviant of only two years, Fiona Eve of France (~Golden-Leaves) has put quite a dent in our Devaintart Community. Her gallery consists of an astounding collection of poetry, as well as anywhere from photography to traditional media. I was lucky enough that she had time to come online and interview her, she is a very interesting individual. 

Do you have any non-literature creative activities?
I indulge in classical music, singing, hiking, nature activities, and drawing. I also love languages, and teaching myself. 

When did you first start writing? What encouraged you to write or express yourself in this form of art?
I first started writing since I was able to write, in elementary school. I was a really creative, imaginative little kid, and it was wonderful to write down my thoughts and express myself in that way. My dad also served as an inspiration as well, writing poetry his whole life, himself. 

Is there any type of poetry that you like to write more then the other types?
I love writing classical poetry, such as sonnets. Dark poetry (with a sad, sweet touch) is also a favorite. 

What inspires you to write?
Everything and anything! A sad movie, a hug from my sister, a storm outside, or just plain silence. 

Do you write for yourself or for those around you? Have you ever written a poem that was too personal to post on DA? What was it like?
Some poems are for myself, some are for others. But when I think about it, ALL of my poems could be for someone else, since people relate to most of them. 
I wrote a poem once, describing the things I disliked about myself. It was very brutal and harsh, and I decided not to post it on dA. There have been others, of course, not posted, but they were mostly to do with family and personal things I don't want people to read. 

Do you have any other poets that you look up to?
Oh, yes. My favorite is Emily Dickinson, along with John Donne, Robert Frost, Shakespeare, and Shelley. Oh! And my father, as well.  

Have you ever had an art block? If so, how did you get out of that art block?
Yes, I've had art blocks. When that happens, I don't force it. If I'm not feeling inspired, or lousy about myself, than nothing I write will be any good. I'm just patient, and wait until it comes to me.

What would you say to someone who starting to write poetry? Do you have any pointers?
- don't tell yourself you can't write. you may never be published or famous, but if writing poetry helps express your heart's feelings, than go for it!
- READ! mon dieu, if people only knew how much inspiration and help I get from classic authors, or well-written poetry. Better yet, you have a greater command of vocabulary, and can use words in rhyming with much more ease.
- if you want to write less-descriptive poetry, the choose less than ten words (that may or may not be similar with each other), and write your poem using ONLY those words in as creative a way as possible. 

Is there else that you would like to add?
No, other than "thank you" for letting me do this, and a big smile to everyon e in the group out there. You're all poets, whether you think so or not!   

She is a truly inspiring individual and we hope that she keeps on posting all of her amazing artwork for years to come. 

Read poems by ~GoldenLeaves here.


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