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Here is my heart, soft and simple its bleeding art,
existing in wishes and dreams that refuse to depart,
as I wait for you to see the entrails of my soul
lain before you in the bones of my poetry and prose,
won't you peel away the scales from your bright eyes
and see me as I am, naked under a heartbroken Sky?

Here is my heart, to you I give its every touchable beat
to cradle in your palm and caress away blistering deceit,
the lies others once threw upon me, soiling my wings,
but my innocence you undressed until I glistened clean,
now you wear me like a favorite melody through the smoke
as I come to you, sexualized by your every sweet stroke.

Here is my heart, to you I give my newness to take
far from where I live, where it will not easily break,
I will always feel your fingers flexing inside my shade
though soon you will be more than a caress away,
thoughts of you I will dwell with until I am insane
as I remember the pleasure we made from my pain.

Here is my heart, take it with you it's yours to keep
as you travel far and away from where I alone sleep,
stretching into another horizon so must be the road
taken, your onward friend but my wayward faithless foe,
I know not where you will be, drifting in another land free,
but I know wherever you are so will my heart forever be.

by ~NocturneJewel


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